Driver Awareness Training Workshop - Essential Driver Training

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Driver Awareness Training Workshop

Driver Awareness Training Course
The course is a half day classroom based workshop to discuss essential aspects of driving. The aim is to increase awareness amongst company drivers of the risks they face as part of their working day.

Employees driving for work purposes are covered by Health and Safety Laws as the vehicle is seen as a piece of work equipment. Driving for business puts drivers at 50% higher risk of being involved in a road traffic incident, than those driving for personal reasons. Corporate manslaughter legislation can hold a business responsible if they are thought to be failing in duty of care to occupational road risk if one of their drivers is involved in a road traffic incident.

The workshop includes investigation into:

  • driver attitudes and behaviour, what makes a "perfect" journey and the "perfect" driver and why it doesn’t happen

  • distractions to drivers including eating, drinking and smoking and the use of electronic gadgets in the vehicle

  • impairments that can reduce driver performance such as alcohol, drugs and fatigue

  • techniques for drivers to become more defensive and reduce the risk of collisions, how commentary driving can be used to increase awareness

  • how to ensure speed limits are recognised and obeyed

  • how to maximise fuel economy

  • planning to manage occupational road risk from journey planning to parking up.

The benefits of the training are:

  • personal and professional development of staff for a better quality of life behind the wheel

  • offer techniques to improve driver awareness

  • update, increase and refresh knowledge of the Highway Code

  • reduce the risk of road traffic incidents

  • reduce fleet costs to the company and address environmental issues

  • address the legislation to train drivers under Health and Safety and Corporate Manslaughter Laws

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