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From passing the test their is no legal requirement for drivers to update their driving skills. The conditions we find ourselves driving in can be very different to that of our learner days. As a result drivers may not have the best up-to-date knowledge of dealing with the traffic. Teaching methods have changed over the years. Did you know children are now taught how to cross roads between parked cars? As the roads have become more busy, it is essential they are trained to do this safely instead of developing their own methods.

Vehicles are now very different and are not always driven in the best way because drvers drive the way they were taught. But technology has changed and driving techniques have had to change as well. The learner test is a relatively low level at which to allwo drivers to take to the road unaccompaned. But there are better ways to drive. "Advanced" driving has been around for a long time. At "Essential Driver Training" you can be taken to Advanced standard to undertake any of the Advanced Tests through RoSPA Advanced Drivers Association, Institute of Advanced Motorists, Diamond Advanced Drivers etc.

Each organisation has its own marking methods, but the advanced techniques are similar, and may be very different to how you drive now. Are you interested in knowing how?

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